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Emergency Electrician Shillong Online Dealing was established on 29th March 2020 trading as ‘Emergency Electrician’ was
a digital platform which everyone can contact for Emergency purposes/others based on Domestic Repairing/new Installation electrical/Electronic like: 

  1. Earthing Installation 
  2. Earthing check point or check-up 
  3. House wiring repairing and new connection 
  4. Gysar installation or servicing and repairing 
  5. Ac Air conditioner installation or servicing and repairing 
  6. Extension cord repairing and making as your desires 
  7. Washing machines servicing or repairing and installation 
  8. MCB/MCB Box service and replace new one 
  9. Electrical panel board servicing. 
  10. Grinder/mixer 
  11. Electric rice cooker. 
  12. Electric Kettle 
  13. Fridge servicing and repairing 
  14. Over flow tank alarm connection 
  15. Solar water heater with Tube 
  16. Solar street light 
  17. Solar garden/compound 
  18. CCTV 
  19. Plumbing new connection 
  20. Electric iron,  
  21. TV  
  22. Computer /CPU/ups smps  
  23. Laptop  
  24. Mobile 
  25. Induction Stove 
  26. Microwave Oven 
  27. Water Purifier 
  28. Emergency case  
  29. Inverter installation 

                   (All types)only hardware repairs *All kinds of electronic/Electrical appliances. 


 It handle door to door servicing or in centre Servicing centre 



Emergency Case call

  1. Customer must pay once we reached out to there residence(if
    nothing doing also) they must pay per kilo meters wise. 
  2. Charge will different according to the work field. 

Charge will be in kilo meters wise

  1. 1km to 4km 200/- 
  2. 1km to 8km 300/- 
  3. 1km to 12km 400/- 
  4. 1km to 17km 600/- 
  5. 1 hour work. 

Note: Labour charge will different according to the work field 

Booking and consultation is free 

  1. Inquiry  
  2. Appointment 
  3. Estimate 




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