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About Us

EESOD (Emergency Electrician Shillong Online dealing)

Emergency Electrician Shillong Online Dealing was established on 29th March 2020 trading as ‘’ Emergency Electrician was a digital platform which everyone can contact for Emergency purposes/others based on Domestic Repairing/new Installation electrical at door step. 

 Our vision " First call First Serve" which mean we are ready at anytime to provide the service within the describe timing, work and area. 

Founder And Chief Organiser of EESOD

 Mr. Shlurbha Khaïi

Assistance: H. Rymbai 


Head Quater: Shillong Meghalaya

Breaker Box FAQs

Can I replace my breaker box?

Attempting to replace a breaker box yourself is incredibly dangerous. The process alone is complicated, and even the smallest mistake could result in severe injury and even death.

You must have your breaker box replaced by a licensed electrician to ensure the safety of your home, yourself, and your family. 

Need to Install Earthing for Safety purposes

  • If there is a fault in your electrical installation you could get an electric shock if you touch a live metal part. This is because the electricity may use your body as a path from the live part to the earth part.
  • Earthing is used to protect you from an electric shock. It does this by providing a path (a protective conductor) for a fault current to flow to earth. It also causes the protective device (either a circuit-breaker or fuse) to switch off the electric current to the circuit that has the fault.
  • For example, if a cooker has a fault, the fault current flows to earth through the protective (earthing) conductors. A protective device (fuse or circuit-breaker) in the consumer unit switches off the electrical supply to the cooker. The cooker is now safe from causing an electric shock to anyone who touches it. 

                         Therefore all the houses & offices, shops etc.... must install Earthing.

Service Available

24/7 availability
Free consultation
Parking available
Bike parking available
Good for children
Cash only
Door Step Service
Phonepay/Google pay/paytm sha u No. 7641927113
Electrical Servicing Centre
Emergency need for electrician ratio 5km
Annual Maintenace Contractual(AMC) Inverter/School/Institute Hotel/Residential/office
House wiring
Delivery free ratio 4km

Speed Emergency handling

In time of need we are there for emergency electrician

Emergency work

Water is the source of all


Wth professtional work and punctual in time   

Customer satisfy

Price List In Repairing Centre/Door Step

Electric Cattle Repairing Charge


  • Rectifying falts
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Heater Repairing Charge


  • Materials must buy
Learn more

Geysar Repairing Charge


  • Rectifying
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Rice cooker Repairing Charge


  • Rectifying
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AC Air Conditioner Filter Servicing


Only Filter Servicing, Cleaning and Check Up

Refrigerate Servicing


  • Cleaning indoor and Out Door
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In case you need for wireman we are ready 24x7

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                                Replace or repair damaged electrical to keep your home safe 

Emergency Case call 

  • Customer must pay once we reached out to there residence(if nothing doing also) they must pay per kilo meters wise.
  • Charge will different according to the work field.

Charge will be in kilo meters wise 

  •  1km to 4km 200/-  
  •  1km to 8km 300/-  
  •  1km to 12km 400/-  
  • 1km to 17km 600/-

Mon - to Saturday 06:00 AM-09:00













Areas Covered

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